Energy Management

Cost-effective and energy efficient

The four pillars of effective HVAC energy management are;

1. Planning

The success of an effective energy management systems lies in the understanding of the HVAC framework serving the buildings/facilities and how the energy flows around it. Our experience of planning projects allows us to identify and implement a system and roadmap that enables you to successfully meet energy efficient targets.

2. Implementation

We identify key opportunities within your existing system to maximise efficiency and lower cost.

Typically, we look to implement best practice in the operation (energy efficient procedures), procurement (energy efficient equipment), and design (EED – energy efficient design) of the existing system.

3. Checking

This involves continual monitoring and measurement. Identifying the significant energy users/zones and establishing benchmarks and introduce standard compliance and energy performance audits.

By regularly checking your system you can react to any changes quickly and with confidence, knowing that the continuous process of checking will identify any issues and/or opportunities.

4. Action

We act on the data that results in the Checking process and introduce changes where they are needed.

As energy costs continue to rise, we act when and where you need us to act, swiftly, and with the knowledge that our experience in managing facility systems energy will ultimately save you money.

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